Now it’s Big G turn: closing as much related “services” as possible1.

I joined Youtube on March 2008 where I initially posted some videos.

Recently, after more than ten years, I started posting again, mostly travel and cat videos, in order to understand more about content creation and all that stuff related to monetization. It’s been an interesting testing session where I learnt a lot.

Needless to say, as YT users we’re only targets for tons of junk ads.

However, there are a lot of channels I’m interested in. Luckily, I’m able to block all those ads2 - at least on my computer, not so easy on my phone.

So, I’m moving my best videos on PeerTube. Using ActivityPub protocol, every PeerTube instance can be federated on the fediverse. Keep in mind, using PeerTube:

  • you won’t receive any ads;
  • you won’t be tracked;
  • you won’t get rich as a peertuber.

This project is growing fast and I have time to decide which public instance is better for me or if I’m going to create a personal instance on one of my private servers.

So, goodbye to my 124 followers and welcome to my 183 videos!

  1. My degoogle-ization process is going ahead faster. After removing my videos from Youtube, GMail will be the only active “service” used for some newsletter subscriptions. All Google mail is forwarded to my main Protonmail account, so no need to be logged in. ↩︎

  2. Lots of ads I cannot skip on my phone are from italian scammers. This is a valid reason to avoid advertisement on my devices.
    Anyway, in order to hide ads, just use Firefox (I use Waterfox) and Adblock Plus plugin.
    Alternatively, use an Invidious proxy such as (just replace with in the address bar, for a video).
    Last advice, take a look at yt-dlp which is a command line utility for downloading YT videos (you can also download audio-only files using the -x switch).
    Well, very last-minute advice: check your favourite channels by using RSS. I wrote this script in order to get the link to any channel RSS feed. ↩︎