After a 14 weeks long training plan I completed my first half marathon run! This is a great accomplishment, especially at my age!

After a long period of sedentary life, mostly sitting at my office in front of the computer screen, I realized that it would have been better to do some sport. That’s why I started riding my bike again and I began playing tennis in 2015.

Being more fit, in May 2016 I started running at a local sport event. It was a 10K run and I completed it partly walking: I couldn’t imagine it before but since then I improved my running a lot, reaching a good pace and endurance. For example, on November 2, 2018, I run my best track (at the moment) at an average pace of 5:06 mins/km.

This achievement has been possible because last September I decided to follow a training plan in order to run my first half marathon (and hopefully many others). My main goal was not to run longer but to run better and that’s why I relied on this plan by Nike: very effective, based on your current paces. If you strictly adhere to this plan, you’ll notice improvements very soon in speed and endurance. You’ll also learn to focus on your run and how to best manage your energies, based on the workout goal.

Limits - if not actual - are mostly in our mind.

So, today my longest awesome run, still not easy but possible, at almost 59! Running is one of the most amazing experiences in my life.