Starting again with music couldn’t be better!

During these first four months since I started I’ve been playing and studying piano almost every day (a little less during my latest holidays this summer). Meantime I got a better control and dexterity, as expected.

More important, now I have a better understanding of my real goals, in order to define an effective roadmap for the next months/years.

First of all, fundamentals. Always practice these! But now, rather than learn and play an entire song, I prefer to focus on music theory and then apply with examples and experimentation.

More in detail, I’ve always been fascinated by jazz music. Starting from classic music, I began exploring and studying more complex harmonies.

Meantime I discovered tons of resources online and some of them are really valuable. Here is a short list, according to my current interests.

  • Learn Piano with Jazer Lee - Jazer is a brilliant piano teacher! His lessons are made for beginners, very motivating and full of general basic tips.
  • PianoPig - Lots of lessons for all skill levels, clean and effective.
  • David Bennett Piano - Piano composer and teacher, very interesting videos about music theory with lots of examples.
  • London Contemporary School of Piano - Very valuable, maybe for intermediate and advanced skills.
  • Piano Fluency by Ted Case: composer and piano teacher.
  • Open Studio - Not for beginners. Founded some years ago by Peter Martin, this will be my next school in one or two years, depending on my actual progress. Definitely the best jazz school online, and not only for piano. Also, check their Youtube channel and their podcast.
  • The Piano Prof | Kate Boyd - She is a classic piano teacher and her lessons are for intermediate/advanced students, full of important basic tips.
  • Aimee Nolte Music - She is a genius! If you want to study piano music from a different perspective, you definitely must to check her channel out!
  • Dr. Guy Shkolnik Composer - Very interesting in-depth analyses of music theory with practical examples.

Happy practicing!

EDIT 2023-09-09: this channel just started a free course:“Jazz Piano For Complete Beginners”. It looks very promising.

EDIT 2023-09-16: I must mention Jazz Tutorial by Julian Bradley: excellent!